Kylie Jenner; world’s youngest…$

World known superstar, Kylie Jenner seems to be the youngest self-made billionaire. At the age of 21 years, the lip kit creator reached the milestone amidst the cheating allegations of her boyfriend, Travis Scott…So congratulations to our famous celeb on her great achievement!!!


Is XXX Tentacion truly dead?

Rumours say that american hip hop artist XXX Tentacion is dead, but is he?

If you can remember, there was a time back then when he FAKED his death, and shortly after, he produced a new song…then everyone knew that he wasn’t truly dead. Now here he comes again faking his death, and here is proof…If you watch the video of how people claim he died, it would look like he was just shot right? But when you take a closer look at it… you wouldn’t see any sign of blood or a bullet on his body…and that car never even had any sign of damage or the glass breaking, and then we just hear of a new song that’s about to be published…so would you still say that XXX is dead?

What do you think?